airolf (airolf) wrote in rdb_fans,

New RDB "SAVE YOURSELF" Video Premiere on Yahoo!

"The driving "Save Yourself" directed by Kiefer Sutherland, underpins a stunning and expansive video, just added to VH1 and Fuse rotation, and juxtaposes DeLuca performing interspersed with scenes from the upcoming film version of Fox's hit series "24 - Redemption," airing November 23rd. "Save Yourself" will be included in the 24-Redemption DVD released on November 25th."

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I like the video a lot. It's nothing new or innovative, but I think it fits really well with the song. I also loved the way they had the scenes match up with the beats of the music - that was pretty cool.

I wonder if Greg and Brett weren't available that day or they just don't have a musical part in the song?