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Rocco Deluca & The Burden

Rocco Deluca & The Burden: Fan Community
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Kiefer is his own brand of fanboy!

For all of those who love Rocco Deluca & The Burden, we finally have a cozy little corner of LJ to call ours. Talk about whatever you want to, post pics, stories, whatever you want. We do, however, have a couple of rules (oh, shut up, you little anarchist):

  1. No flaming. As entertaining as it is to watch you little shits fighting over the internet, I'll have none of it here. Take it to AIM or something and then post logs for my entertainment.
  2. This is an RDB community; that means no gushing over how fantastic(!) Kiefer looked in whatever movie you happened to catch on TV. Unless, of course, you're talking about how adorable he looked while searching for his lost cell phone in I Trust You To Kill Me. (C'mon, that was pretty fucking funny. I do it all the time, minus the cute bit.) Otherwise, go visit kiefer_daily. They need members. And pictures being posted... shock! daily.
  3. Long posts are to be put under an LJ-cut. Don't know how to make one? Go read the FAQ, n00b. (Or just ask nicely. Whatever works.)
  4. When posting pictures, please put large photos under the cut. (Pictures larger than 500x500 pixels should be put under a cut. This helps keep members' friends lists uncluttered and keeps people from wanting to brain you with a shoe through their computer monitor.) It goes without saying that if you're posting many photos, you should put them under a cut. Don't follow the rules, you'll be banned. Hush up and get in line, you little sheep.
  5. Don't take anything I say seriously. Why? I'm bullshitting half the time. This community's just for fun, anyway. We exist simply to serve.

The point of this community is to have a place to have fun. And if you're a guy... I'm sorry, but you're probably gonna find a good bit of Old Fashioned Fangirling in here. Have at it and fanboy away. We're equal oppurtunity.


Official RDB Website (US)
Official RDB Website (UK)
RDB Official Message Board
Rocco Deluca on MySpace!

I'm so going to re-write these rules when I'm not sleep-deprived.