In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey (mwissa) wrote in rdb_fans,
In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey

RDB Finally coming to my home town!!!

So happy I could cry, but will anyone be seeing them in St. Louis?

Can't wait for July 24th!

~ And I know that you guys aren't fans of the new Colorful video, but I kind of liked it.
The song is about a woman who makes no excuses for her actions and does what she wants. She does crazy and unbelievable things. It's hard to shoot a video with the money that they had (and my first thought of the video is that they are getting successful enough to shoot higher quality stuff. Which meant more to me than the having a nude woman in it) in the beginning, but the song needed a woman in it, not just Rocco walking around on a pier. It makes more sense with a woman in the video.

He's a guy. Keifer's a guy. They like women. I'm sure Rocco was writing about one when he penned this song. Rocco isn't one to do anything with his music that he isn't 100% OK with. That isn't his style. I have a hard time believing that he had no say in reshooting the video.

But, that is just my opinion. You never saw any nipples or cooter. The nudity was sexily, but tastefully done and you see worse in music videos and commercials in Europe. Best fit for the song? I dunno. But for a naked model running around with Rocco's face on her, I thought it was done well.
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